Securing Your Enterprise

12 Steps to IT Security for the Insurance Industry

Securing Your Enterprise 4-disc audio CD set

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4-Disc Audio CD Set Featuring Information Technology Security Expert Mike Foster (as interviewed by Jack Burke)

This 3-hour interview details a 12 Step Program to dramatically improve IT security for your agency, company or brokerage operation. In a easy-to-understand manner, Mike shares the secrets that he has provided Fortune 500 companies to secure their data.

Topics covered include safeguarding against hackers, virus attacks and spyware; firewalls, physical security, password policies, domain policies, updates and much, much more.

Any business, particularly insurance, needs to safeguard the integrity of data and information storage for their clients, their employees and their enterprise. If we don't establish the safeguards NOW, security breeches may be the next industry-wide disaster!

Mike Foster is the founder and CEO of the Foster Institute and is a noted international expert in data security.

During the course of the interview, Mike provides a secret URL for a website notes page to complement the information in the interview. Gain information that would cost you thousands of dollars for an on-site visit.

It is my firm belief that security is the elephant in the living room of the insurance industry. Every agency owner and company executive needs to hear, understand and act upon the message that Mike Foster carries. Become part of the solution, not the problem.

– Jack Burke

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