Sales Skills for Technical Professionals

Improve Sales Skills, Leverage Relationships with Clients, and Increase Sales

How Your Technical Professionals Can Leverage their Relationship with Your Clients in Order to Dramatically Increase Your Sales

  • Your technical professionals have already earned your clients trust, and demonstrated their technical prowess, so it is natural for the technical professional to close sales even during their technical calls
  • In addition to the sales expertise, your professionals in the field will find their relationships with your clients improve in all areas
  • Help your sales team's productivity soar through the careful preparation performed by your technical professional's contacts with your clients
  • Some technical professionals have never been exposed to the appropriate communication skills needed to communicate with the clients in such a way to strengthen relationships.
  • Devote more time to talking with the right customers about total solutions to serve their needs
  • Client satisfaction will reach new levels as your technical professionals become the "person with all the solutions" that the client learns to trust completely
  • As your technical professionals build their sales skills, your income can increase dramatically

Key topics

  • Customized for your organization, help your technical professionals have a clear understanding of their role in the solution selling process
  • Qualify opportunities, both commercially and technically
    Understanding of the technical decision process
  • Earn the trust of the client
  • Techniques to determine what the client really wants
  • How to "take the price out of the decision process"
    Successful methods to overcome customer objections and close sales
  • Knowledge that the client's purchase is an investment instead of an expense, and the ability to transfer this knowledge to the client
    Presentation tips in order to make effective use of presentation time
  • Enroll experts and novices alike in your organization's solution
    Demonstrate to the decision makers that your solution is the best choice
  • Build the foundation for a long working relationship between your organization and the client
  • Interactive practice sessions and scenarios

Key benefits

  • Technical professionals learn to qualify opportunities in order to focus their efforts to produce the biggest returns
  • Technical professional learn to identify and influence the decision maker
  • Technical professionals learn to capitalize on their relationship with the client to help them see the benefits of purchasing from your organization
  • Technical professionals become sensitive to the proper timing in the sales process to be seen in a positive light
  • Technical professionals learn to earn the client's trust and support early in the sales process
  • Technical professionals learn when to be less technical when necessary, and more technical when needed
  • Technical professionals learn to connect with clients at all levels of knowledge, even when presenting to both the technical experts and the non-technical decision makers at the same time
  • Technical professionals learn to display their own integrity in today's culture - becoming like a breath of fresh air to your clients

How you benefit from "The Mike Foster Difference"

  • Mike has a proven knack for selling technology to clients of every level of technology knowledge, from non-technical to expert
  • With all of Mike's certifications, he will gain easy rapport with your technical employees
  • Mike has a very deep understanding of the technology, he will provide you and your team with the answers you need in a way you can use them - and he is very easy to understand and welcomes questions
  • Mike's experience in the field provides relevant real-life examples

Mike Foster's Speaking Programs

Most Requested Topics:

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  • The C-Level Guide to Making Your IT Department an Asset-Not an Expense
  • Prevent Loss of Important or Sensitive Data Though Cloud Storage, Ipads, Iphones, etc.
  • Create a Disaster Recovery Plan So You're Prepared for Anything
  • Ensure Your Employees' Technology Use isn't Opening You Up to Attackers
  • Take Advantage of the Technology You Already Own, as Well as What's Out There
  • BYOD: Using IPads, IPhones, Androids and Other Portable Devices Safely and Effectively
  • Ensure You're Managing Your In-house or Outsourced IT Effectively
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