Combat Internet and E-mail Misuse

Stop Losing Money with Employees Misusing Your Computers at Work: Playing Games, Doing Personal Activities, Viewing Naughty Material

A Program for Corporate Executives, Business Owners, Managers, and Supervisors. Discover how to use the Internet as the powerful tool it is, and use technology for your benefit. Help your employees support your organization in becoming the success that it can be!

Includes "12 Ways " to combat Internet and e-mail misuse:

  1. Recognize the Danger
  2. Content Filtering: pros and cons
  3. Employee Monitoring: pros and cons
  4. Using Other Technology Tools
  5. Usage Policy
  6. Organizational Culture
  7. Teach Effective Use
  8. Alert Users to the Danger
  9. Show Users how to Avoid Danger
  10. Watch for Warning Signs
  11. How to Handle the Addicted / Misusing Employee
  12. What to do When You Witness Gross Misuse

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Engage the Foster Institute to help you combat Internet and e-mail misuse.