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Executives Give Clues Before Firing IT Firms

Not all top-level executives, owners, and other decision makers are pleased with their outsourced IT firm. What signs should a service provider notice? Continue reading ‘Executives Give Clues Before Firing IT Firms’

You Don’t Care About Thinner Anymore

As the future becomes reality, what features will executives and workers demand? Users, including busy executives like you, know that laptops are now thin enough, fast enough, and lightweight enough. So, what do manufacturers have to improve in order to win your business?
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Executives, Be in the Know!

Executives: When you make decisions, make sure you fully understand the pros and cons of your decisions. If IT is asking for some new technology, how do you know if it is an IT “want” or a “need?”
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Executives, Grab the Reins of IT!

If you aren’t careful, your organization’s IT capabilities may fall behind your competitors. You may wonder what happened. Avoid being on the “bleeding edge” buying every technology as soon as it is released, but your IT advisors may be holding you back out of their own best interests.
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An executive’s three-step guide to securing Wi-Fi

The easiest way to secure your Wi-Fi connection in your home or office is to stop using Wi-Fi altogether. But what if you want to avoid the cords?
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Be cautious about using the cloud

In the last blog post I talked about the big benefits of the cloud. What should you, as an executive, be on the lookout for?
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Build a better firewall?

Your IT professionals can protect you even more than they are now.
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Are live presentations best for Security Awareness Training?

My last post covered Security Awareness Training via videos and/or internet. What about using a live presenter?
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Is video best for Security Awareness Training?

So you realize you need to require Security Awareness Training for everyone in your organization in order to help increase your IT security. What is the best way to deliver that training? Live training? Computer based learning? Videos?
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Executives–do you let your kids use computers?

As a fairly new dad, I wonder how executives choose to handle all of the IT devices available—do you allow your kids to have them too?
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