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Mac Vulnerability Permits Unauthorized Login

Apple’s newest operating system has a serious vulnerability that can allow someone else to logon to your Mac. Here’s what to do:  Continue reading ‘Mac Vulnerability Permits Unauthorized Login’

Are employees or guests connecting unauthorized computers to your network?

An IT professional discovered an unauthorized computer on the network!  “I know all our computer names and I knew this one did not belong.  I immediately called our consultants thinking we were being compromised. They said the computer was in our office.  I searched through the office and found that one of the (employees) brought in a (outside representative) into the office and set her up in one of our offices. She was allowed to plug her laptop in to our network and proceeded to access the internet.”   I frequently come across offices that freely offer for visitors to “plug in to the network” to check e-mail or access the Internet. Same with offering visitors wireless access.  The people offering access to complete strangers obviously have no idea of the danger.

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