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5 Things to Love about Apple

Apple has a lot of great things going for it. Here are 5 of the biggest ones: Continue reading ‘5 Things to Love about Apple’

Do NOT Upgrade to Windows 7!

Some organizations still use Windows XP on some machines, and have plans to upgrade to Windows 7. This is a very bad idea, and here is why… Continue reading ‘Do NOT Upgrade to Windows 7!’

Has Technology Infiltrated Your Core Business?

Organizations used to use technology to support their organization’s core business. Now the separation between IT and your core business is very small—and it is likely that IT is completely integral to your core business.
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Yep, Replace Those Ancient Servers

What will you do when one of your physical servers crashes? Recovering from the crash, even if you have redundant systems, can easily be more expensive than it would be to replace your old servers now. So how many years old is “too old?”
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Why Siri is Such a Big Deal–Are You Serious?

New artificial intelligence tools, such as Siri, are a big deal since they “grow better” every second of every day. Since Siri is “hosted in the cloud” that means scientists can monitor and update Siri in real-time.
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Why chief executives get an iPad or another slate device

When I purchased my first slate computing device, I literally thought it would just be a toy for me to play with and I would never use it for anything serious. I could not have been more wrong.
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