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Should You Trust Cloud Storage?

iCloud, SkyDrive, DropBox, etc. – Are they secure?  How do you know how much to trust “the cloud?” Here are the answers…
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Viruses on Macs? Really?

Really. Two recent outbreaks have Mac users thinking about whether they need to consider more security.
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Be sure to enable device tracking on your mobile devices

Someone stole my iPad. In November I realized my iPad was suddenly missing. Apple’s Find My iPhone showed the device to be in a parking lot just outside of a transportation company’s main office —I used the transportation service late the night before.
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A surprising way employees steal from you

Our CSI and physical security auditor knows that one of the most common ways employees steal from businesses is to throw something valuable in the trash.
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The importance of physical security audits

In addition to IT security audits, many organizations are also required to perform physical security audits as well.
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Is total IT security possible?

A participant at one of my presentations this year requested I tell them how to achieve, verbatim, “Total protection from employees able to reach or steal client data from work or home.”

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Thieves preying on your social media

ABC’s Good Morning America recently posted a video about a woman whose home was robbed after she announced on Facebook that she was leaving her home to go to a concert.

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Windows 7 is scheduled for release – should you switch?

Windows 7 is officially scheduled to be released on October 22. There are several ways you can try Windows 7 today if you want to use it. Visit for details. Should you switch?

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Understand more about identity theft

Watch NBC Dateline’s video, “To Catch an Identity Thief, ” with no commercials: Scroll down and look on the right hand column for “Videos: Part 1 – watch the entire episode” and “Videos: Part 2 – watch the entire episode”

How do you stop users from stealing your data?

Business owners and corporate executives often complain that they cannot control data once they trust their end users with it. Furthermore, regulations are requiring that organizations ensure their data is secure.

There are documented problems of employees “taking data home to work on it” and then they lose their memory stick, hard drive, or laptop and the data falls into the wrong hands.  Other employees copy data and send it to competitors. In addition, often, users unwittingly send out private information through insecure channels.

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