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Wireless Security is Broken & What You Need to Do

Many organizations rely on a wireless password to protect their Wi-Fi networks. Behind the scenes, that password is used as part of a security protocol called WPA2. An attack, dubbed KRACK, has been announced that breaks that security. Continue reading ‘Wireless Security is Broken & What You Need to Do’

1 Million Android User Accounts Reported Hacked

It was reported yesterday that malicious apps running on Android phones has resulted in 1 million Google user accounts being hacked. Check Point Software Technologies estimates that 75% of Android phones are still vulnerable to this attack. Once the attackers take over the phone, they can then gain access to the user’s Google accounts. Often the best way to steal data from a mobile device is Continue reading ‘1 Million Android User Accounts Reported Hacked’

Hacking Competition Helps You

Every year, a major hacking competition called Pwn2Own attracts hackers from around the world to break into computers and programs. This year, hackers earned a total of $442,000 finding holes. Continue reading ‘Hacking Competition Helps You’

If you use Firefox, Update it Now

Open Firefox, click on the little square icon near the top-right of your screen that is composed of three horizontal bars. Then click the question mark for “help”.  Third, select “About Firefox.”  Firefox will automatically download the latest version. Continue reading ‘If you use Firefox, Update it Now’