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Be sure to enable device tracking on your mobile devices

Someone stole my iPad. In November I realized my iPad was suddenly missing. Apple’s Find My iPhone showed the device to be in a parking lot just outside of a transportation company’s main office —I used the transportation service late the night before.
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Are iPads welcome in your office?

These days, the chief executives and other leaders in the organization ask IT to connect their Apple iPad into their businesses. One of the more frequent questions chief executives, as well as their IT professionals, ask is if the iPad is secure in the office.
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A surprising way employees steal from you

Our CSI and physical security auditor knows that one of the most common ways employees steal from businesses is to throw something valuable in the trash.
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The importance of physical security audits

In addition to IT security audits, many organizations are also required to perform physical security audits as well.
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Disable USB ports

If you are concerned about your users using the USB ports on your computers to, accidentally or intentionally, steal information or plug in unauthorized devices that might infect your network, you may want to discuss these options with your qualified IT professional.

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Copy machines store copies of your documents

When CBS ran the 5 minute video about how your copy machines hold copies of all the documents copied on their internal hard drives, many of you started asking questions.
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Executives – what vendor wants to connect?

More and more executives tell me, “We are moving to a new vendor to provide a service to us and they want to connect to our internal network.” Do you realize the dangers?

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What to do if someone steals your identity

A client wrote recently explaining their family’s personal information was on a laptop in their car when the car was stolen. Of course, the laptop was not using full disk encryption, or they would never have called me. What do you do?

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When will tech become truly user friendly?

I used a wonderful ATM in Santa Barbara recently. The main screen had a space for your PIN and the buttons for $20, $40, $100, etc. All the customer needs to do is touch 4 keys for the pin and 1 key for the amount requested and DONE! No “Enter” key. Out pops the cash! So easy.

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Online safety not a priority for families?

I’m having a revelation in my career—home users care more about other issues than they care about IT security. Can this be true?

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