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Executives Give Clues Before Firing IT Firms

Not all top-level executives, owners, and other decision makers are pleased with their outsourced IT firm. What signs should a service provider notice? Continue reading ‘Executives Give Clues Before Firing IT Firms’

Fire Phone at Work

Amazon just announced the new Amazon Fire phone. The first thing I wanted to know was about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) features. How will your business utilize this great new device? The news is good… Continue reading ‘Fire Phone at Work’

5 More Things to Love about Apple

Apple has wonderful traits. Last week were the first 5 of 10, and here are the remaining 5 things Apple does so well… Continue reading ‘5 More Things to Love about Apple’

5 Things to Love about Apple

Apple has a lot of great things going for it. Here are 5 of the biggest ones: Continue reading ‘5 Things to Love about Apple’

Keeping Hackers from Stealing Your Online Identity

Too often you visit a website, after you place an order, transfer money, or update a profile, you just close the window when you are finished. You just skipped one of the most important parts for security…
Continue reading ‘Keeping Hackers from Stealing Your Online Identity’

These Short and Fun IT Videos Can Protect You!

Always remember: The best IT security controls can be thwarted by human ignorance. Here are fun videos to help you train your users in an enjoyable way. One of our training videos currently holds the #1 spot Continue reading ‘These Short and Fun IT Videos Can Protect You!’

Turn Off Computers for Security?

A common question is: “Does turning off a computer when not in use help with security?” Continue reading ‘Turn Off Computers for Security?’

How to Cause IT to Fail

Many organizations reward IT professionals for solving IT problems. That is not only ineffective, it is counterproductive. Become aware of what you are incentivizing IT to do.
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Apps for Taking Notes in Meetings

Many executives find that using their tablets, Android, iPad, and other choices is very productive. Here are three tools that will help you take better notes.
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Executives, Be in the Know!

Executives: When you make decisions, make sure you fully understand the pros and cons of your decisions. If IT is asking for some new technology, how do you know if it is an IT “want” or a “need?”
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