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How to Cause IT to Fail

Many organizations reward IT professionals for solving IT problems. That is not only ineffective, it is counterproductive. Become aware of what you are incentivizing IT to do.
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Executives, Grab the Reins of IT!

If you aren’t careful, your organization’s IT capabilities may fall behind your competitors. You may wonder what happened. Avoid being on the “bleeding edge” buying every technology as soon as it is released, but your IT advisors may be holding you back out of their own best interests.
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Al-Qaeda Can Wage Cyber-Warfare Against You

Al-Qaeda does not need IT gurus in order to attack US business’ and the governments. All they need to do is buy IT weapons for their arsenal.
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Do you want to save 100’s of hours this year?

How many times do you receive an email and need to phone the person back, but the person does not include their phone number in their email signature line?
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What are your favorite apps?

Here are a list of favorite applications created from polls of CEO groups. You may wish to try out some of these yourself, and I will GREATLY appreciate you responding with YOUR favorite apps—especially those you use in business. It is okay if they are in the list already—I’m keeping score of how many people like them.
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Big benefits of using the cloud

There are major benefits for executives to consider about the cloud.
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Build a better firewall?

Your IT professionals can protect you even more than they are now.
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Cloud computing problems and concerns

Just how important is “moving to the cloud” for your organization?
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Microsoft’s new management tool

Microsoft is expected to release Windows Intune later this month. For an expected $10 per month per computer, Intune provides your IT professionals a way to centrally manage your computers.
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Do you use video on your website?

In case you haven’t noticed video clips are becoming very important on websites. If your website does not have videos and your competition does you could be missing out.
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