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Patching – 10 Steps to Seal the Holes in Your Armor

You’ve likely heard of the massive ransomware attack that has taken down so many organizations, including hospitals, around the world. The ransomware appears to have exploited a bug for which Microsoft released a fix a little over a month ago. Follow these 10 steps to help protect your organization from this, and from future attacks: Continue reading ‘Patching – 10 Steps to Seal the Holes in Your Armor’

Heartbleed Hack Impacts You Too

There is a zero-day attack (meaning there was no patch) that allows attackers to bypass your encryption. Attackers can bypass your website’s security, as well as access all of the information you thought was “secure” at the websites you use – like banking sites. Continue reading ‘Heartbleed Hack Impacts You Too’

The Bank Tells Us To Disable Security!

Ask your IT Professionals, “Has any vendor, even the bank, asked us to reduce security levels on any of our machines or the network?” Counterintuitively, the bank often tells your IT professionals to disable important security protection. This happens when your bank gives you a program or web site in order for your users to make online deposits, pay bills, calculate payroll, or do anything else related to banking. Continue reading ‘The Bank Tells Us To Disable Security!’

Three tips for using Wi-Fi in public places

When you want to check email in the coffee shop, the airport, or the hotel, how do you help protect yourself and your computer?
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Single Biggest Way to Repel IT Attacks

Attackers have learned that one of the easiest and most successful ways to successfully take control of a network is to launch attacks against vulnerable programs on your systems. It is almost certain that you are not protected against these attacks—at least not until you take important steps.
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Executives – what vendor wants to connect?

More and more executives tell me, “We are moving to a new vendor to provide a service to us and they want to connect to our internal network.” Do you realize the dangers?

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Are vulnerability scans of your network helpful?

As part of the Foster Institute IT Security Assessments, we always offer to perform vulnerability assessments and they are indeed very helpful.  Executives can help IT professionals overcome the negative effect to the results of a vulnerability scan…

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Do we need more government regulation?

I was giving a presentation in 2009, and a CEO of a successful corporation talked about how he received one of those letters saying, “Your data may have been obtained by hackers due to a data breach.” He asked, “What can we do to get the other businesses in the world to keep our data safe?”

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Banks suggest you dedicate one PC for online banking

USA Today reports that the American Bankers Association (ABA) recommends small and mid-sized businesses dedicate a computer to use only for online banking, and avoid using any other computers for online banking. While this may sound good, it can create headaches in practice.

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Executives say it is hard to enforce IT policies

I see this all the time. Executives say “we do not restrict our users from going to inappropriate web sites” or “we do not force our employees to change passwords—some have had the same password for 10 years.”

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