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Do NOT Upgrade to Windows 7!

Some organizations still use Windows XP on some machines, and have plans to upgrade to Windows 7. This is a very bad idea, and here is why… Continue reading ‘Do NOT Upgrade to Windows 7!’

Where are the Microsoft Apps?

What about all those great Apple Apps? Microsoft is still paying developers, reportedly $100,000 and more, to develop apps. How long will it take Microsoft to “catch up”?
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Yes, Windows 8 Looks like Windows 7

I still encounter many senior level executives that are determined to stay away from Windows 8 as long as possible. It is usually because they don’t know: When you switch to Windows 8, there is no learning curve. Make the move. Windows 8 is faster, more reliable, and more secure.
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The Best Computer So Far

Busy executives need a lightweight laptop and tablet and the Lenovo Yoga computer is the solution. Want to synchronize your programs and data between your laptop and your tablet? That’s easy to do when your laptop is your tablet!
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3 Things All Executives Need To Know About Windows 8

C-level Executives, presidents, and owners, Windows 8 may change the way your organization works. Do you need new computers? Will your existing programs still work? You want to know if Windows 8 is “worth it.”

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