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Mac Vulnerability Permits Unauthorized Login

Apple’s newest operating system has a serious vulnerability that can allow someone else to logon to your Mac. Here’s what to do:  Continue reading ‘Mac Vulnerability Permits Unauthorized Login’

Your iPhone and iPad are in Danger

If you use Apple products, here is what to do to protect yourself. By now, you’ve probably heard that attackers have told Apple that they have access to millions Continue reading ‘Your iPhone and iPad are in Danger’

Protect your Mac from Viruses

More executives are realizing that their Macs can catch viruses too.

Independent studies by the testing firm AV-TEST show that two top picks for Mac anti-virus are:

Bitdefender Antivirus for the Mac (Around $60)
Symantec Norton Security (Around $50)

The latter offers more features, but the tests demonstrate that they are both effective and barely slow Mac computers down so it is unlikely that you will experience any changes in your user experience.

(We do not make any money or receive any royalties for recommending these tools)

You can look at the AV-test website to see the specifics.

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