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Are you rolling out the welcome mat to attackers?

One of the biggest surprises IT receives during an audit is that their network is basically configured to grant attackers access.
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Stop Drive-By-Downloads

It is time to review your anti-spam filters and your web-filters to ensure you are adequately protected against targeted email attacks as well as drive-by-download attacks. The latter attacks happen when one of your users visits an infected site. The settings your IT department configured in 2011 probably need to be reconfigured to repel new attacks.
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Cure Your 3 Biggest IT Security Problems–The Deadly Trio

I perform audits around the U.S. and there are three problems that commonly show up at the top of the “danger” list. There is a good chance that your organization has these problems too. Not only are they the three most prevalent dangers, it is self-evident that attackers look for common weak spots. Here are the three common problems:
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How to use the cloud wisely

Many executives know to carefully examine their strategies. If you are considering moving to the cloud, consider these important steps:
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A powerful Windows built-in firewall

While the firewall included with Windows XP was the brunt of many jokes, there is no joking about the power of the Windows 7 firewall! First of all, the firewall knows the difference between your office, home, and hot spot networks and can protect your computer accordingly.
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Don’t install anti-virus on your computers?

If you use a cloud service to provide anti-virus to your computers, you don’t need to install anti-virus anymore.
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Is defense indepth that good?

Many IT departments tell their executives that having multiple firewalls, anti-virus protection, VPN’s, etc. are all you need for security. How does a firewall help you if the attack comes from inside your perimeter?
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For traveling users, wireless 3G is better than hotels

From the standpoints of speed, cost, and security, you may find that providing a Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile wireless connection will be much better than using hotel provided Internet services.
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Should executives buy a second computer for banking?

Has anyone every recommended that you buy a second computer for your home to use strictly for online banking and financial transactions?
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Follow these 7 steps when you buy a new computer

* Read the updated version of this blog post.

Executives often want to know what steps to take when they purchase a new computer.

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