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Has Technology Infiltrated Your Core Business?

Organizations used to use technology to support their organization’s core business. Now the separation between IT and your core business is very small—and it is likely that IT is completely integral to your core business.
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What Your IT Pro Doesn’t Know Can Hurt You

Technology is now a core part of almost all organizations. How can you make sure IT knows what they are doing?
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My Doctor Taught Himself!

Imagine a hospital administrator lamenting, “I’ve had such bad luck hiring doctors. How do I tell good doctors from bad doctors?” Well, trusting doctors who earned a license to practice medicine would be a good start.
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Stop Paying Outsourced IT by the Hour!

Too many organizations hire outsourced IT companies and pay them by the hour. If you pay an hourly rate, what is the IT company incentivized to do? If you said, “take longer,” then you are exactly right.
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Disaster Recovery Plan – Two Points for CEOs

Presidents, CEOs, owners, and other executives know they want a plan of what to do in a disaster situation. There are two important periods that executives need to dictate.
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How to Cause IT to Fail

Many organizations reward IT professionals for solving IT problems. That is not only ineffective, it is counterproductive. Become aware of what you are incentivizing IT to do.
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Executives, Be in the Know!

Executives: When you make decisions, make sure you fully understand the pros and cons of your decisions. If IT is asking for some new technology, how do you know if it is an IT “want” or a “need?”
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One Way an Attacker Can Crash the Cloud

“Everything is moving to the cloud.” An attacker can bring cloud services to their knees—and how will that affect your business?
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Al-Qaeda Can Wage Cyber-Warfare Against You

Al-Qaeda does not need IT gurus in order to attack US business’ and the governments. All they need to do is buy IT weapons for their arsenal.
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Three ways to ensure an A+ audit grade

One of the most common questions organizations ask me is, “Well—what is our score?” Three things to know about improving your score on an audit:
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