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Easily Lock the Data on USB Drives

People sometimes lose or misplace USB memory sticks, SD Cards, and other external storage media. Help protect your data from prying eyes and cyber thieves: Encrypt your drive in 3 easy steps… Continue reading ‘Easily Lock the Data on USB Drives’

Reduce Your Risk of a Workplace Shooter

It happens too often: An employer terminates an employee, and then the employee comes back to shoot their supervisors. There is a simple way to reduce the likelihood… Continue reading ‘Reduce Your Risk of a Workplace Shooter’

What to Do About Your Passwords

You probably heard that a group of hackers has collected more than a billion passwords – so far. The best password strategies: Continue reading ‘What to Do About Your Passwords’

As if Heartbleed Wasn’t Enough, Here is Another Emergency:

Please forward this to your IT Techs immediately. As with Heartbleed, this is a vulnerability that attackers are already using against you and nobody knew until right now. These are called “zero-day attacks.” Continue reading ‘As if Heartbleed Wasn’t Enough, Here is Another Emergency:’

Use Windows 7 with Windows 8’s Benefits

As businesses transition to Windows 8, they don’t want to train their user in Windows 8. Here is a short 90 second video that shows the secret about how you can give Windows 7 all the great new stability, security, and speed that Windows 8 has to offer. Continue reading ‘Use Windows 7 with Windows 8’s Benefits’

Heartbleed Hack Impacts You Too

There is a zero-day attack (meaning there was no patch) that allows attackers to bypass your encryption. Attackers can bypass your website’s security, as well as access all of the information you thought was “secure” at the websites you use – like banking sites. Continue reading ‘Heartbleed Hack Impacts You Too’

Annihilate Sensitive Data

A chief executive asked this week about, if he is going to donate a computer to a good cause, how can he erase all of his sensitive data from the hard drive first? Here is how – complete with a video. Continue reading ‘Annihilate Sensitive Data’

Linksys products – if you use them at home or work – you may be vulnerable to an attack

Your IT professionals are very busy and often don’t have time to keep up with what are called “firmware updates.” It turns out that many manufacturer’s products, including Linksys products that are common in smaller businesses and in homes, are getting hacked.

Ask your IT professional to update your firmware. They may need to disable remote administration, but some of them rely on that service. Tell them you want to be protected from the brand new “Moon Worm.”

Please forward this to all of your friends who may be infected and post your comments below – this is for real.

Attn: There is a Serious Mac Virus Circulating Right Now

There is a virus attacking Mac users that infects your computer and steals copies of your data files including .pdf documents. The virus has been named OSX/LaoShu-A. The way to protect yourself is to not click on any links in email messages that you don’t recognize. Historically, Mac users were targeted less often than Windows users. However, now that many top level executives have switched to Apple, it only makes sense that hackers will go after those machines as well – they know top level executives keep important and sensitive information on their computers. This particular virus uses the common ploy of informing you that UPS, FedEx, DHL, or some other shipper has been unable to deliver a package. If a user clicks the link, a file is downloaded to the Mac computer and entices the user to open the file. Doing so infects the computer.

Remember that, even when you have a Mac, you still need to be just as careful as everyone else to protect your IT Security.

Please forward this to your friends and post your comments below…


The Bank Tells Us To Disable Security!

Ask your IT Professionals, “Has any vendor, even the bank, asked us to reduce security levels on any of our machines or the network?” Counterintuitively, the bank often tells your IT professionals to disable important security protection. This happens when your bank gives you a program or web site in order for your users to make online deposits, pay bills, calculate payroll, or do anything else related to banking. Continue reading ‘The Bank Tells Us To Disable Security!’