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Know About this IT Networking Strategy Change

Executives – There is a new strategy to consider moving toward that can save you money, increase security, speed up your networks and help you get ahead of your competition. What should you do about your Cisco stocks? Even the WSJ is talking about… Continue reading ‘Know About this IT Networking Strategy Change’

Executives Give Clues Before Firing IT Firms

Not all top-level executives, owners, and other decision makers are pleased with their outsourced IT firm. What signs should a service provider notice? Continue reading ‘Executives Give Clues Before Firing IT Firms’

Adding Security Makes Systems Unusable!

Ask your IT Professional: “Are you implementing the protections that users won’t notice anyway?” … Continue reading ‘Adding Security Makes Systems Unusable!’

The Bank Tells Us To Disable Security!

Ask your IT Professionals, “Has any vendor, even the bank, asked us to reduce security levels on any of our machines or the network?” Counterintuitively, the bank often tells your IT professionals to disable important security protection. This happens when your bank gives you a program or web site in order for your users to make online deposits, pay bills, calculate payroll, or do anything else related to banking. Continue reading ‘The Bank Tells Us To Disable Security!’

Firewalls offer less protection than you think

Most executives, and sometimes IT professionals, feel that firewalls are the most important component for protecting organizations against outside attacks, but firewalls can be ineffective.
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Disable USB ports

If you are concerned about your users using the USB ports on your computers to, accidentally or intentionally, steal information or plug in unauthorized devices that might infect your network, you may want to discuss these options with your qualified IT professional.

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Can you trust your IT professional’s answer?

I had the pleasure of performing an audit at a company recently where the lead IT professional was shocked to learn that his e-commerce system needed to be secure in order to keep credit card information secure as part of PCI-DSS compliance.

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Does bug spray stop viruses?

If someone told you household oil cures arthritis, or that butter heals burns, or installing anti-virus is all you need to be secure on your network, would you believe them?

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Executives say it is hard to enforce IT policies

I see this all the time. Executives say “we do not restrict our users from going to inappropriate web sites” or “we do not force our employees to change passwords—some have had the same password for 10 years.”

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Executives say their challenge is fighting viruses

Before every IT Vital Systems Review, I always ask the executives what their challenges are. On a recent survey the CEO answered “fighting viruses.” That’s because it isn’t the executive’s job to fight viruses—that is the job of their IT professionals. It is the executive’s responsibility to protect the assets of the company, employees and clients.

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