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How to E-Mail Encrypted Attachments

E-mail messages can be intercepted or read by an unauthorized individual. Continue reading ‘How to E-Mail Encrypted Attachments’

Is Google Apps or Microsoft 365 more secure?

A CFO asked, “I would really love to hear your take on Google vs Microsoft 365 and see if you fall on one side or the other.” When it comes to cyber-security for those two big players… Continue reading ‘Is Google Apps or Microsoft 365 more secure?’

How Strict Do You Want your IT Pro to Be?

A CFO told me today that he feels challenged because his VP of IT is “very sensitive to being too ‘Big Brother’ in his approach to security.” The CFO wants his VP of IT to increase cyber-security, “even if it means taking away some latitude for employees, etc.” Other times, CFOs explain that their VP of IT is overboard on security. What to do… Continue reading ‘How Strict Do You Want your IT Pro to Be?’

Kids, Coughs, and Cyber Security

We learn things from our kids. Will our kids teach us to be more secure using computers? Continue reading ‘Kids, Coughs, and Cyber Security’