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Ransomware Statistics and Expect Hacking on the News

In 2015 alone, companies had to pay 325 Million in ransom to recover their data. There were 407,000 attempted ransomware attacks. These statistics confirm how organizations just don’t understand what to do to protect their company. Please spread the word… Continue reading ‘Ransomware Statistics and Expect Hacking on the News’

Pain Free or Free Pain?

On July 29, Microsoft’s Windows 10 free upgrade offer ends. Many people are asking: Should you upgrade? Continue reading ‘Pain Free or Free Pain?’

Help Your Young Ones Learn to Program

Mitch Resnick made a TED Talk entitled “Let’s teach kids to code.” He says that knowing how to code is an essential part of literacy. MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, created a programming language for kids called Scratch.

I swore I would keep my kids away from computers until they are older, so they could enjoy a “life” outside of programming. But they spend so much time in Minecraft, they might as well be learning to program instead.

To see the TED talk, and training, the MIT site is: scratch dot mit dot edu.

I gave my 8 year old son a book called “Learn to Program with Scratch.” He loves scratch even more than Minecraft. In just a few days, he was writing programs more complicated than some of the assignments we had in our first-year college courses. He is mastering loops and variables. MIT created a winner with Scratch – and it is available for everyone.

If your kids will be getting screen-time anyway this summer, consider helping them get ahead on the essential skill of programming.

GoToMyPC Forcing Reset of Passwords

GoToMyPC announced that they suffered a recent attack. Once again, this affected users who had used the same password at other sites too. Congratulations to you readers who have implemented two-step logon. The site twofactorauth dot org provides a list of services that provide a two-step login feature. If you know someone who uses GoToMyPC, you can recommend they use this search:

gotomypc two step verification

If you want your IT Professionals to become even more effective, send them to the 2.5 day SuperTech workshop Monday thru Wednesday August 8 thru 10.

And, if you are an executive who wants more insight into working effectively with your IT Professionals and/or outsourced IT firm, please come too.

The workshop is designed in such a way that you can enjoy exploring Napa Valley and the San Francisco Bay area with your family while you are here.

Please email stacey @ fosterinstitute dot com for all of the details.

Please forward this to everyone whose cyber-security you care about, as well as anyone who would enjoy an exciting and educational end of summer experience in Napa Valley, CA.

Sleep Deprivation Makes Attackers’ Dreams Come True

Your team’s healthy sleep stops hackers. Often, an attacker’s primary goal is to trick your workers. Trick them into clicking a link, opening an attachment, or following instructions that supposedly come from their boss. So, one of the best ways to protect your company is Continue reading ‘Sleep Deprivation Makes Attackers’ Dreams Come True’

Urgent Alert – TeamViewer Security Weakness

Many users of TeamViewer are reporting that attackers are compromising their systems. Even users that use two-step logon, aka multifactor authentication, report that they have experienced breaches. So it does not appear to be a case of users re-using passwords.

For now, until more is known, the most effective defense is to uninstall TeamViewer from each workstation. This of course will be very inconvenient. But, if you will leave it enabled, be sure your organization’s executives understand the risk. It is their choice whether or not to accept the risk to your systems.

Please forward this to everyone you care about…

Avoid These 3 Really Good Hacker Tricks

Attackers prey on people trusting others. Watch out for these three common tricks. Continue reading ‘Avoid These 3 Really Good Hacker Tricks’

Security Version 2.0

Here is another powerful way to strengthen security – upgrade to the newest versions. Just like last week, your key tool will be your application inventory. It will look something like this… Continue reading ‘Security Version 2.0’