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Docking Stations are Dead

Top level executives and owners often express frustration because they want to upgrade their notebook computer, but they don’t want to have to buy another docking station. The good news is that you can forget docking stations forever.
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Revitalize an Old or Configure a New PC

CEOs and Senior level executives often contact me with questions about their own home computers. Here is how to set up a brand new computer and still save your data from an old computer. This also covers, if you don’t want to buy a new computer, how to revitalize your existing computer.
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Executives Express Their Coolness in Spite of Windows

Executives know that Macs have a “cool factor” but there is a problem. Executives who buy a Mac may find it difficult to get work done at the office.
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Follow these 7 steps when you buy a new computer

* Read the updated version of this blog post.

Executives often want to know what steps to take when they purchase a new computer.

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A virus possibly contributed to a fatal passenger jet crash

On August 20, 2008, 154 people died when Spanair Flight 5022 crashed right after takeoff in Spain. A preliminary report, discussed in an article in the Spanish daily newspaper El Pais indicates that a diagnostic computer should have detected problems with multiple systems on the aircraft. Had the problems been detected, the takeoff would have never been attempted. The computer was infected with a virus or other malware.
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Just what is cloud computing?

Executives frequently ask me: What does it mean to be computing in the cloud? While we techies have our own definitions for cloud computing, executives and owners tend to consider any programs that are not installed on the local computer to be “in the cloud.”

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Capitalize on data services price drops

In this economy, data service providers are dropping prices rapidly.

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What to do if someone steals your identity

A client wrote recently explaining their family’s personal information was on a laptop in their car when the car was stolen. Of course, the laptop was not using full disk encryption, or they would never have called me. What do you do?

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How to buy a Mac and use it at work with Windows

A CEO recently wrote that he would like to use his Mac at work, but his IT professionals do not know how to support it. One solution that many executives enjoy is to run both Windows and OS X on the Macintosh. Read more…

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Still using just one monitor?

Many users have changed from a single to dual monitors and their productivity has skyrocketed. I have a laptop that has two screens – one slides out when I need it. The extra real estate can make a big difference especially if you work with several applications open simultaneously.

As inexpensive as monitors are these days, consider treating yourself and your most productive employees to dual monitor systems. Even if you just try a few users first for a trial, you may find why many organizations swear they will never go back to single monitors for their users again.