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Avoid These 3 Really Good Hacker Tricks

Attackers prey on people trusting others. Watch out for these three common tricks. Continue reading ‘Avoid These 3 Really Good Hacker Tricks’

Security Version 2.0

Here is another powerful way to strengthen security – upgrade to the newest versions. Just like last week, your key tool will be your application inventory. It will look something like this… Continue reading ‘Security Version 2.0’

Smooth and Slippery for IT Security

When talking about security, a good example is the large polished stainless steel sculpture commonly known as The Bean. If someone wanted to climb the bean, they would quickly find that the smooth surface provides no place to get a foothold. Make your computers like The Bean. Every single program installed on your computers provides a potential toe-hold that an attacker can use to access your systems. The key Continue reading ‘Smooth and Slippery for IT Security’

Know About this IT Networking Strategy Change

Executives – There is a new strategy to consider moving toward that can save you money, increase security, speed up your networks and help you get ahead of your competition. What should you do about your Cisco stocks? Even the WSJ is talking about… Continue reading ‘Know About this IT Networking Strategy Change’

See the Real-Time Attack Luring iTunes Users

Google the word iTunes, and examine the search results. You’ll notice the top Google result for the word “iTunes” is a site that hackers put up in order to redirect unsuspecting users to a potentially malicious hacking site. CAUTION: Do not click on the link. Continue reading ‘See the Real-Time Attack Luring iTunes Users’

Annihilate Sensitive Data

A chief executive asked this week about, if he is going to donate a computer to a good cause, how can he erase all of his sensitive data from the hard drive first? Here is how – complete with a video. Continue reading ‘Annihilate Sensitive Data’

Disallow Forwarding Email to Personal Accounts

In some organizations, sometimes unbeknownst to the executives and owners, employees have their work email automatically forwarded to their personal email address at gmail, yahoo, etc. Do you really… Continue reading ‘Disallow Forwarding Email to Personal Accounts’

Keeping Hackers from Stealing Your Online Identity

Too often you visit a website, after you place an order, transfer money, or update a profile, you just close the window when you are finished. You just skipped one of the most important parts for security…
Continue reading ‘Keeping Hackers from Stealing Your Online Identity’