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Stop Employees from Using Print Screen to Steal

There have been Data Loss Prevention tools for a long time that help prevent employees from stealing data to take to a competitor, or use for some other unauthorized purpose. And now screen capture… Continue reading ‘Stop Employees from Using Print Screen to Steal’

Hack the Hacker who Hacked You

Many times, organizations that got hacked want to track down and “hack the attacker back.” For instance, suppose someone emails your customers an email that says something bad about your organization. Most of the time, you’ll want to track those people down and do something about it! Continue reading ‘Hack the Hacker who Hacked You’

If Someone Harasses You with Text Messages

People regularly report that some person is harassing them by sending unsolicited text messages at all hours of the night. Might be a co-worker, an ex-boyfriend or spouse, etc. The situation can be exasperating. What you should do if this happens… Continue reading ‘If Someone Harasses You with Text Messages’

Reduce Your Risk of a Workplace Shooter

It happens too often: An employer terminates an employee, and then the employee comes back to shoot their supervisors. There is a simple way to reduce the likelihood… Continue reading ‘Reduce Your Risk of a Workplace Shooter’