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5 More Things to Love about Apple

Apple has wonderful traits. Last week were the first 5 of 10, and here are the remaining 5 things Apple does so well… Continue reading ‘5 More Things to Love about Apple’

5 Things to Love about Apple

Apple has a lot of great things going for it. Here are 5 of the biggest ones: Continue reading ‘5 Things to Love about Apple’

Apple is Silly for Not Offering Touch Screens

Here is something I don’t understand: Apple still doesn’t have touch screen monitors!

I’ve owned three MacBook Air computers and have loved them all. I bought the Airs because they are compact to carry, are very powerful, lightweight, durable, and really nice looking.

Apple iPhones and iPads have touch screens that we all love. We’ve become a touch-centric world, and Apple has driven that transition perhaps more than anyone.

Special Computer Buying Guide

Many executives have been asking what to look for in computers for their home use, and as gifts to loved ones. There aren’t that many shopping days left… Continue reading ‘Special Computer Buying Guide’

Disallow Forwarding Email to Personal Accounts

In some organizations, sometimes unbeknownst to the executives and owners, employees have their work email automatically forwarded to their personal email address at gmail, yahoo, etc. Do you really… Continue reading ‘Disallow Forwarding Email to Personal Accounts’

Do NOT Upgrade to Windows 7!

Some organizations still use Windows XP on some machines, and have plans to upgrade to Windows 7. This is a very bad idea, and here is why… Continue reading ‘Do NOT Upgrade to Windows 7!’

Executives tell Employees – It is OK to lose your phone

These days, employees’ phones contain your company’s sensitive data. Sure, IT can wipe the data off of the phone remotely, but ONLY when the employee notifies someone that they lost their phone. What happens is the users do not notify IT, and the lost phone still contains the sensitive data. To solve this problem…
Continue reading ‘Executives tell Employees – It is OK to lose your phone’

Turn Off Computers for Security?

A common question is: “Does turning off a computer when not in use help with security?” Continue reading ‘Turn Off Computers for Security?’

The Secret of the Tile Guy

One of our best clients told me about what would have otherwise been a mundane event: Replacement of floor tiles by their local “Tile Guy”. However, this turned out to be pretty exciting. Let me share with you this (slightly dramatized) story: It was a dark and stormy night, and the “Tile Guy” only works at night…
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Where are the Microsoft Apps?

What about all those great Apple Apps? Microsoft is still paying developers, reportedly $100,000 and more, to develop apps. How long will it take Microsoft to “catch up”?
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