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Fix A Computer in Minutes and It Works Almost Every Time

I was stranded in the Portland airport last night because of a mechanical failure on the first flight. You’ve had similar situations for sure. What would your travel experience be like if the airlines could immediately reset a plane to be brand new if it breaks? Continue reading ‘Fix A Computer in Minutes and It Works Almost Every Time’

Send your IT Professionals to The 2016 SuperTech Best Practices Workshop

Send your IT Professionals to The 2016 SuperTech Best Practices Workshop
Monday 8/8/16 thru Wednesday 8/10/16
Executives are welcome too

Professional Development Workshop for IT Pros:
IT Pros must overcome ever-increasing challenges. Together, you can help yourself and your organization grow and thrive more than ever.
At the SuperTech workshop, IT Professionals receive what they really need in order to be truly successful in their careers… an arsenal of “best practices” that foster an environment where everyone in the company wins! SuperTech can be a positive life-changing experience for participants from everywhere.

Attention Executive Management:
These are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy when you send your IT techs to this one-of-a-kind ‘best practices’ IT workshop:
• Improved performance of your IT team and outsourced vendors.
• Increased productivity from IT teams that feel more appreciated.
• Improved IT Interaction with the rest of your organization’s team.
• Re-energized IT Pros who feel happier (and more loyal) about their jobs.
• Confident IT staff you can trust to professionally represent you to clients.
Imagine your IT department running like a well-oiled machine, with security precautions in place, projects completed on time, lines of communication wide open, and misunderstandings a thing of the past.

What The Workshop Covers:
This two and a half day workshop was created specifically for IT Professionals. Here are just a few of the proven practices that you’ll learn in this workshop that will help transform you into a true “Super-Tech:”
• Master communicating your technical knowledge to others.
• Make sure you are getting the most from your outsourced IT consultants.
• Discover the perfect strategies for providing feedback to management.
• Get the people you supervise to follow your instructions.
• Love your job and enjoy your projects.
• Handle multiple priorities with ease.
• Basics of superior communication.

Prior SuperTech events held in Napa and in New York City have been two days of 9a to 5p. Starting in 2015, the workshop expanded to two and a half days. It moved from a boring conference room and the new workshop meets at a different location each day. Expect a total of 12 hours of traditional training combined with 12 hours of other important activities:
• Monday August 8: In a Redwood Forest amongst trees more than 200 feet tall
• Tuesday August 9: At the Exploratorium and Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco
• Wednesday August 10: On the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier

Mark, a valuable IT Manager and past participant at SuperTech says, in addition to benefitting from the content, he values the resulting friendships with fellow IT Pros: “I am only 1 out of 70 people in my company. When there is an unusual IT problem at work, having other IT Pros to call is awesome!” He is a past participant and, because he received so much value, is coming again this year too. He knows that IT Professionals can achieve so much more as a unified force. Empower your IT Pro to become part of that force.

Jered says, “I thought it would be good but the content in the first two hours and Mike’s hospitality and attitude blew me away. (There are) so many things I can’t wait to go back and apply.”

Jamie says that the workshop, “Gave me a different perspective to see how other IT Professionals face similar challenges. This was an awesome conference.”

Lester says that the workshop exceeded his expectations because, “I thought this would be a dry boring conference room seminar. It wasn’t. I had a great time with a great group I hope to remain friends with.”

Investment: $1495 total for all two and a half days
Yes, this does include entry fees and tickets at venues.
Does not include travel or meals.
Please call if you want help finding a good price hotel, sharing a car, etc.
Your family is more than welcome. Alternate activities are provided for them, and the schedule is arranged such that you will have plenty of time for you all to be together as well.

Please call if you have questions – including help with travel arrangements
Register today! or Mike Foster direct: 805-637-7039

New Hard Drives Need Electricity or they Lose Your Data

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If Someone Harasses You with Text Messages

People regularly report that some person is harassing them by sending unsolicited text messages at all hours of the night. Might be a co-worker, an ex-boyfriend or spouse, etc. The situation can be exasperating. What you should do if this happens… Continue reading ‘If Someone Harasses You with Text Messages’

Shellshock: Check Your Web Server

Shellshock is a bug that may exist on your servers and even your Mac. Even if you use Windows in your office, your web server may use Apache on Linux. Continue reading ‘Shellshock: Check Your Web Server’

New Big Screen iPhone

The iPhone 6 will have options for both the normal screen size as well as a new, larger, 5.5 inch screen. It is doubtful that they will be shipping for months, and Apple hasn’t made an official announcement – but one might come as early as today. Continue reading ‘New Big Screen iPhone’

Fire Phone at Work

Amazon just announced the new Amazon Fire phone. The first thing I wanted to know was about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) features. How will your business utilize this great new device? The news is good… Continue reading ‘Fire Phone at Work’

Use Windows 7 with Windows 8’s Benefits

As businesses transition to Windows 8, they don’t want to train their user in Windows 8. Here is a short 90 second video that shows the secret about how you can give Windows 7 all the great new stability, security, and speed that Windows 8 has to offer. Continue reading ‘Use Windows 7 with Windows 8’s Benefits’

Annihilate Sensitive Data

A chief executive asked this week about, if he is going to donate a computer to a good cause, how can he erase all of his sensitive data from the hard drive first? Here is how – complete with a video. Continue reading ‘Annihilate Sensitive Data’

Adding Security Makes Systems Unusable!

Ask your IT Professional: “Are you implementing the protections that users won’t notice anyway?” … Continue reading ‘Adding Security Makes Systems Unusable!’