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Get Attacked in a Flash

Adobe Flash is one of the programs that attackers love to exploit. Be sure you have the newest version – Adobe just released important patches… Continue reading ‘Get Attacked in a Flash’

Protect Your Kids from Online Cyber Threats

Another free tool that helps you protect your kids from cyber threats while they are online protects them if they are using Windows, Apple computers, iPads, iPhones, Androids… Continue reading ‘Protect Your Kids from Online Cyber Threats’

If Someone Harasses You with Text Messages

People regularly report that some person is harassing them by sending unsolicited text messages at all hours of the night. Might be a co-worker, an ex-boyfriend or spouse, etc. The situation can be exasperating. What you should do if this happens… Continue reading ‘If Someone Harasses You with Text Messages’

Easily Lock the Data on USB Drives

People sometimes lose or misplace USB memory sticks, SD Cards, and other external storage media. Help protect your data from prying eyes and cyber thieves: Encrypt your drive in 3 easy steps… Continue reading ‘Easily Lock the Data on USB Drives’

Know About this IT Networking Strategy Change

Executives – There is a new strategy to consider moving toward that can save you money, increase security, speed up your networks and help you get ahead of your competition. What should you do about your Cisco stocks? Even the WSJ is talking about… Continue reading ‘Know About this IT Networking Strategy Change’

What to Do About Your Passwords

You probably heard that a group of hackers has collected more than a billion passwords – so far. The best password strategies: Continue reading ‘What to Do About Your Passwords’

New Big Screen iPhone

The iPhone 6 will have options for both the normal screen size as well as a new, larger, 5.5 inch screen. It is doubtful that they will be shipping for months, and Apple hasn’t made an official announcement – but one might come as early as today. Continue reading ‘New Big Screen iPhone’

Macs Will Take Over Business Networks

Everyone knows Macs are cool. Many executives now use Macs. Mac computers may displace Windows PCs and Laptops as company computers. Many companies still use Windows computers at work even though employees own Apple products. Why not go Apple all the way? Is that what you have been waiting for? Continue reading ‘Macs Will Take Over Business Networks’

Fire Phone at Work

Amazon just announced the new Amazon Fire phone. The first thing I wanted to know was about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) features. How will your business utilize this great new device? The news is good… Continue reading ‘Fire Phone at Work’

As if Heartbleed Wasn’t Enough, Here is Another Emergency:

Please forward this to your IT Techs immediately. As with Heartbleed, this is a vulnerability that attackers are already using against you and nobody knew until right now. These are called “zero-day attacks.” Continue reading ‘As if Heartbleed Wasn’t Enough, Here is Another Emergency:’