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Fix A Computer in Minutes and It Works Almost Every Time

I was stranded in the Portland airport last night because of a mechanical failure on the first flight. You’ve had similar situations for sure. What would your travel experience be like if the airlines could immediately reset a plane to be brand new if it breaks? Continue reading ‘Fix A Computer in Minutes and It Works Almost Every Time’

Straw, Sticks, or Brick: How to Tell Which Your Network Is, and How to Improve It

Just yesterday, someone told me they think they are secure because they have anti-virus, strong passwords and a firewall.

Last weekend, I asked my daughter to tell me a fairy tale. She chose The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. As she told the story, it became so clear that organizations use straw, sticks, or brick to build their cyber-security protection. See which you are, and how to improve: Continue reading ‘Straw, Sticks, or Brick: How to Tell Which Your Network Is, and How to Improve It’

Get Apple’s Urgent Patches that Fix Dozens of Security Holes

For those of you with Apple products, Apple just released some important updates.

Knowing that updates might cause a problem, please back up your computer first. You are backing up all the time already, right? Time Machine is a wonderful tool and is built in. If you want to supplement Time Machine with an additional backup, Carbon Copy Cloner from Bombich dot com is very popular and clients experience great results. You’ll need a couple of external USB drives, but the investment is worth it.

In case you are not familiar with how to apply patches, here are instructions:

On your Apple computer, even if your computer is set for automatic updates, it is good to verify that you have the most recent patches. Click on the image of the apple in the top left corner, and choose App Store. If not already selected, choose Updates inside the title bar that already contains the words: Featured, Top Charts, Categories, Purchased, and Updates. You may see many updates for your applications, and those are fine to apply, but the urgent one is the update called macOS Sierra Update and the version is 10.12.5. If you’ve not updated in a while, you may see other macOS updates too.

iPhone and iPad users, press on the Settings icon that looks like a gear. In the left-hand column, select General, and you’ll see Software Update on the right-hand column near the top. The most recent patch is for iOS 10.3.2.

If you want to configure automatic updates for your Apple computers, find instructions by searching for this phrase in Google: Automatic security updates os x

If you want to configure automatic updates for the iPhone and iPad, find instructions by searching for this phrase in Google: Automatic security downloads iOS

Please forward this to everyone you know who uses Apple devices and you want to help be more secure…

1 Million Android User Accounts Reported Hacked

It was reported yesterday that malicious apps running on Android phones has resulted in 1 million Google user accounts being hacked. Check Point Software Technologies estimates that 75% of Android phones are still vulnerable to this attack. Once the attackers take over the phone, they can then gain access to the user’s Google accounts. Often the best way to steal data from a mobile device is Continue reading ‘1 Million Android User Accounts Reported Hacked’

“This is Your Captain Speaking – No Samsung Phones Allowed”

Yesterday afternoon, I and some of the more than 100 other passengers on our jet were paying attention to the safety demo. Unexpectedly, the announcement included a statement that prohibited the use of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone. Additionally, charging such a device is prohibited too. Now that’s harsh… or is it? Continue reading ‘“This is Your Captain Speaking – No Samsung Phones Allowed”’

Cyber Security’s Three Essential Steps

In this time of gratitude, which is perhaps the most important foundation of happiness and success, it is important to thank you for helping make the world a safer place. Three controls, perhaps the most important three controls, help protect you from cyber-threats. They are: Continue reading ‘Cyber Security’s Three Essential Steps’

Your IT Pros Deserve This

Give your IT Professionals an edge, and show your appreciation of them at the same time. Continue reading ‘Your IT Pros Deserve This’

New Hard Drives Need Electricity or they Lose Your Data

Most computers, for years now, have used hard drives to store data files. Those drives have metal discs that spin around. Drives that use newer technology have no moving parts… Continue reading ‘New Hard Drives Need Electricity or they Lose Your Data’

Kids, Coughs, and Cyber Security

We learn things from our kids. Will our kids teach us to be more secure using computers? Continue reading ‘Kids, Coughs, and Cyber Security’

A Possible Solution for Ransomware

Ransomware is hitting so many companies hard. If you’ve not heard of it, you will soon. Ransomware is an infection that encrypts files on your network such that you cannot access the files. This can be devastating. The best way to deal with ransomware is… Continue reading ‘A Possible Solution for Ransomware’