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Disaster Recovery Planning – Important New Threat

Most executives know the importance of having, and testing, what they refer to as a disaster recovery plan. If you are serious about protecting your organization from a disaster, and you may owe it to yourself, your family, and your team members, know that PBS released a NOVA video that highlights a real danger we all face. The show is less than an hour long, is available online from PBS, and it is called Continue reading ‘Disaster Recovery Planning – Important New Threat’

Hacking Easier than Protection

The shocking truth: In some ways, it is easier to hack systems than it is to protect them. There are many automated tools that greatly simplify the art of hacking Continue reading ‘Hacking Easier than Protection’

iPhone and iPad Hacking Alert

You may have heard by now about XcodeGhost and how it is the biggest infection for Apple yet. Hackers inserted malicious code into a tool that programmers use to develop Apps for the App store. What should you do now? Continue reading ‘iPhone and iPad Hacking Alert’

Microsoft Using Your Computer To Deliver Software

Microsoft built a feature into Windows 10 called Delivery Optimization. Your computer may deliver and receive apps and patches to and from computers belonging to complete strangers. Your computer becomes a server to deliver patches and apps to people on the Internet. Though it is likely enabled on your computers, you can turn this feature off. Continue reading ‘Microsoft Using Your Computer To Deliver Software’

Don’t Get Tricked

Those sites that say you can look to see if someone is on, they are probably scams. Those sites that say they will update you to Windows 10, they are scams. That email from your boss that says to quietly transfer money, they are scams too. Avoid getting viruses, keep your computer from being taken over as a zombie, protect your identity, keep your money, and protect your assets – don’t go there.

Security Breaches are Preventable

After security breaches, in order for the victim companies to feel better, executives are often led to believe that Continue reading ‘Security Breaches are Preventable’

Avoid Public Wireless Networks and Hot Spots

As executives take summer vacations, they will be tempted to connect to public WiFi wireless network hotspots at airports, coffee shops, hotels, etc.  Before you connect, know the risks. Continue reading ‘Avoid Public Wireless Networks and Hot Spots’

New Hard Drives Need Electricity or they Lose Your Data

Most computers, for years now, have used hard drives to store data files. Those drives have metal discs that spin around. Drives that use newer technology have no moving parts… Continue reading ‘New Hard Drives Need Electricity or they Lose Your Data’

Know Before You Click

Before you click on a link, if you want input about whether or not the link takes you to a dangerous site, Google provides a tool that can help you know… Continue reading ‘Know Before You Click’

Stop Your Vulnerabilities in a Flash

Adobe Flash, something almost all organizations use, is often an easy target for attackers who want to successfully obtain control over your computers and network. And yes, you can do something about it! Continue reading ‘Stop Your Vulnerabilities in a Flash’