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E-Mail Protection Solution

Everyone is concerned about the danger of a user clicking on a link in an email message, perhaps invoking a ransomware attack, or users responding to requests to transfer money. There are tools that will help. Continue reading ‘E-Mail Protection Solution’

Finally, a Solution to Solve What May Be the Biggest Cyber Security Risk at Your Organization

It happens all the time: A user clicks on a link in an email message, and the computer gets infected. Ransomware can lock up the data on the drive or even your servers. Sensitive data can be stolen, wire transfers attempted, and other bad things can happen. When a user is tricked into clicking on a bad link, the link instantaneously takes the user to a malicious website. It may even look like a real website or pop-up window. Now the attackers win.

A drastic solution is to Continue reading ‘Finally, a Solution to Solve What May Be the Biggest Cyber Security Risk at Your Organization’

Attackers Can Hack Your Phone Without Having Your Phone

Phone operating systems store much of the information that you have in your phone in the cloud too. So, attackers stealing information from your phone can be as simple as gaining access to that data in the cloud. Additionally, Continue reading ‘Attackers Can Hack Your Phone Without Having Your Phone’

“This is Your Captain Speaking – No Samsung Phones Allowed”

Yesterday afternoon, I and some of the more than 100 other passengers on our jet were paying attention to the safety demo. Unexpectedly, the announcement included a statement that prohibited the use of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone. Additionally, charging such a device is prohibited too. Now that’s harsh… or is it? Continue reading ‘“This is Your Captain Speaking – No Samsung Phones Allowed”’

GoToMyPC Forcing Reset of Passwords

GoToMyPC announced that they suffered a recent attack. Once again, this affected users who had used the same password at other sites too. Congratulations to you readers who have implemented two-step logon. The site twofactorauth dot org provides a list of services that provide a two-step login feature. If you know someone who uses GoToMyPC, you can recommend they use this search:

gotomypc two step verification

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Sleep Deprivation Makes Attackers’ Dreams Come True

Your team’s healthy sleep stops hackers. Often, an attacker’s primary goal is to trick your workers. Trick them into clicking a link, opening an attachment, or following instructions that supposedly come from their boss. So, one of the best ways to protect your company is Continue reading ‘Sleep Deprivation Makes Attackers’ Dreams Come True’

Urgent Alert – TeamViewer Security Weakness

Many users of TeamViewer are reporting that attackers are compromising their systems. Even users that use two-step logon, aka multifactor authentication, report that they have experienced breaches. So it does not appear to be a case of users re-using passwords.

For now, until more is known, the most effective defense is to uninstall TeamViewer from each workstation. This of course will be very inconvenient. But, if you will leave it enabled, be sure your organization’s executives understand the risk. It is their choice whether or not to accept the risk to your systems.

Please forward this to everyone you care about…