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About Half of All Breaches are Caused by a Contractor or Service Provider

In our experience of auditing after breaches have happened, about half were caused by a service provider working for the company that gets breached. Continue reading ‘About Half of All Breaches are Caused by a Contractor or Service Provider’

One Setting Can Protect Your Network from Ransomware

Once an attacker accesses one computer, they attempt to traverse the network and infect other computers too. That’s how ransomware spreads on a network. Continue reading ‘One Setting Can Protect Your Network from Ransomware’

Please Alert Your IT Pros – Increase Your Security Log File Capacity

Windows computers can keep a log of security events, such as failed logon attempts. It is helpful to know if attackers are trying to gain access to your network. When the log fills up, it overwrites itself with the oldest events first. By default, the log files are very small, and that makes it much easier for attackers to cover their tracks. Continue reading ‘Please Alert Your IT Pros – Increase Your Security Log File Capacity’

Do the Basics. Do not Believe that Threat Protection Software Will Save You.

This week, someone told me about a group of CEOs who came to the conclusion that their IT security was handled since they installed an artificial intelligence (AI) based threat protection tool. They didn’t know it, but they were wrong.  Continue reading ‘Do the Basics. Do not Believe that Threat Protection Software Will Save You.’

Your iPhone and iPad are in Danger

If you use Apple products, here is what to do to protect yourself. By now, you’ve probably heard that attackers have told Apple that they have access to millions Continue reading ‘Your iPhone and iPad are in Danger’

Smooth and Slippery for IT Security

When talking about security, a good example is the large polished stainless steel sculpture commonly known as The Bean. If someone wanted to climb the bean, they would quickly find that the smooth surface provides no place to get a foothold. Make your computers like The Bean. Every single program installed on your computers provides a potential toe-hold that an attacker can use to access your systems. The key Continue reading ‘Smooth and Slippery for IT Security’

Anatomy of a Password Attack

Password attacks against businesses happen all the time. You may find it interesting to see the list of usernames that attackers guess are on your system, and how many passwords they try for each username. Continue reading ‘Anatomy of a Password Attack’

Cyber Security’s Three Essential Steps

In this time of gratitude, which is perhaps the most important foundation of happiness and success, it is important to thank you for helping make the world a safer place. Three controls, perhaps the most important three controls, help protect you from cyber-threats. They are: Continue reading ‘Cyber Security’s Three Essential Steps’

Don’t Get Tricked

Those sites that say you can look to see if someone is on, they are probably scams. Those sites that say they will update you to Windows 10, they are scams. That email from your boss that says to quietly transfer money, they are scams too. Avoid getting viruses, keep your computer from being taken over as a zombie, protect your identity, keep your money, and protect your assets – don’t go there.

Security Breaches are Preventable

After security breaches, in order for the victim companies to feel better, executives are often led to believe that Continue reading ‘Security Breaches are Preventable’