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Make Life Easier – Go Back to Easy Passwords

NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the US, is releasing new password standards that make passwords so much easier… Continue reading ‘Make Life Easier – Go Back to Easy Passwords’

Alert – A Popular Password Manager Has Serious Security Flaw Right Now

A password manager company announced that there is a vulnerability that could allow attackers to gather stored passwords. Continue reading ‘Alert – A Popular Password Manager Has Serious Security Flaw Right Now’

No More Passwords

How do you feel about giving up passwords entirely? You may have that option soon. Continue reading ‘No More Passwords’

What to Do About Your Passwords

You probably heard that a group of hackers has collected more than a billion passwords – so far. The best password strategies: Continue reading ‘What to Do About Your Passwords’

Executives – Passwords Cause Very Bad Days

Sitting next to me on the plane today was a member of Oracle’s Security Team. I asked what was the one single best bit of security advice Oracle could give to their customers. “Change your default passwords.” A few weeks ago, I met with a CEO who had lost half-a-million dollars (so far) because his IT pro had set a password in their main application to the exact name of his company. Of course, the CEO had no idea that the password was so basic. Continue reading ‘Executives – Passwords Cause Very Bad Days’