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Microsoft Using Your Computer To Deliver Software

Microsoft built a feature into Windows 10 called Delivery Optimization. Your computer may deliver and receive apps and patches to and from computers belonging to complete strangers. Your computer becomes a server to deliver patches and apps to people on the Internet. Though it is likely enabled on your computers, you can turn this feature off. Continue reading ‘Microsoft Using Your Computer To Deliver Software’

Lenovo Computers Infected

Urgent bulletin: Lenovo pre-installed software called SuperFish on computers that is a security risk. This is just another example of why it is so important to remove the junk-ware from new computers. Follow these instructions from Lenovo:

Please forward this to anyone you know who might have purchased a Lenovo computer – laptops included.

A Possible Solution for Ransomware

Ransomware is hitting so many companies hard. If you’ve not heard of it, you will soon. Ransomware is an infection that encrypts files on your network such that you cannot access the files. This can be devastating. The best way to deal with ransomware is… Continue reading ‘A Possible Solution for Ransomware’

Get Attacked in a Flash

Adobe Flash is one of the programs that attackers love to exploit. Be sure you have the newest version – Adobe just released important patches… Continue reading ‘Get Attacked in a Flash’

Know About this IT Networking Strategy Change

Executives – There is a new strategy to consider moving toward that can save you money, increase security, speed up your networks and help you get ahead of your competition. What should you do about your Cisco stocks? Even the WSJ is talking about… Continue reading ‘Know About this IT Networking Strategy Change’

Use Windows 7 with Windows 8’s Benefits

As businesses transition to Windows 8, they don’t want to train their user in Windows 8. Here is a short 90 second video that shows the secret about how you can give Windows 7 all the great new stability, security, and speed that Windows 8 has to offer. Continue reading ‘Use Windows 7 with Windows 8’s Benefits’

Adding Security Makes Systems Unusable!

Ask your IT Professional: “Are you implementing the protections that users won’t notice anyway?” … Continue reading ‘Adding Security Makes Systems Unusable!’

Linksys products – if you use them at home or work – you may be vulnerable to an attack

Your IT professionals are very busy and often don’t have time to keep up with what are called “firmware updates.” It turns out that many manufacturer’s products, including Linksys products that are common in smaller businesses and in homes, are getting hacked.

Ask your IT professional to update your firmware. They may need to disable remote administration, but some of them rely on that service. Tell them you want to be protected from the brand new “Moon Worm.”

Please forward this to all of your friends who may be infected and post your comments below – this is for real.