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Know About this IT Networking Strategy Change

Executives – There is a new strategy to consider moving toward that can save you money, increase security, speed up your networks and help you get ahead of your competition. What should you do about your Cisco stocks? Even the WSJ is talking about… Continue reading ‘Know About this IT Networking Strategy Change’

Executives Give Clues Before Firing IT Firms

Not all top-level executives, owners, and other decision makers are pleased with their outsourced IT firm. What signs should a service provider notice? Continue reading ‘Executives Give Clues Before Firing IT Firms’

Macs Will Take Over Business Networks

Everyone knows Macs are cool. Many executives now use Macs. Mac computers may displace Windows PCs and Laptops as company computers. Many companies still use Windows computers at work even though employees own Apple products. Why not go Apple all the way? Is that what you have been waiting for? Continue reading ‘Macs Will Take Over Business Networks’

Fire Phone at Work

Amazon just announced the new Amazon Fire phone. The first thing I wanted to know was about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) features. How will your business utilize this great new device? The news is good… Continue reading ‘Fire Phone at Work’

Stonewall, not Firewall: Use Application Whitelisting

Protect yourself when a user plugs in a USB device that is infected. Reduce the risk of devastation when a user accidentally clicks on a bad link. There is a program built in to Windows that can protect you, and it is one of the most important strategies to use. What to ask your IT Professional is, “Do we, and if not, why not?” Continue reading ‘Stonewall, not Firewall: Use Application Whitelisting’

My Professionals Are Too Busy to be Proactive

This segment of the ongoing series “What to ask your IT Professionals” addresses an almost universal problem: Proactivity in the IT department Continue reading ‘My Professionals Are Too Busy to be Proactive’