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Hacking Competition Helps You

Every year, a major hacking competition called Pwn2Own attracts hackers from around the world to break into computers and programs. This year, hackers earned a total of $442,000 finding holes. Continue reading ‘Hacking Competition Helps You’

Cyber-Safe Holiday Travels

Many executives will be travelling for the holidays. It will be so tempting to use W-Fi wireless connections in airports, coffee shops, hotels, in-flight Wi-Fi… Continue reading ‘Cyber-Safe Holiday Travels’

Hack the Hacker who Hacked You

Many times, organizations that got hacked want to track down and “hack the attacker back.” For instance, suppose someone emails your customers an email that says something bad about your organization. Most of the time, you’ll want to track those people down and do something about it! Continue reading ‘Hack the Hacker who Hacked You’

A Caller Says Your Computer Is Infected

Someone in your company receives a phone call, “This is Microsoft Technical Support. Your computer is infected with a virus.” They call back 50 more times after you tell them no. Continue reading ‘A Caller Says Your Computer Is Infected’

If Someone Harasses You with Text Messages

People regularly report that some person is harassing them by sending unsolicited text messages at all hours of the night. Might be a co-worker, an ex-boyfriend or spouse, etc. The situation can be exasperating. What you should do if this happens… Continue reading ‘If Someone Harasses You with Text Messages’

What to Do About Your Passwords

You probably heard that a group of hackers has collected more than a billion passwords – so far. The best password strategies: Continue reading ‘What to Do About Your Passwords’

As if Heartbleed Wasn’t Enough, Here is Another Emergency:

Please forward this to your IT Techs immediately. As with Heartbleed, this is a vulnerability that attackers are already using against you and nobody knew until right now. These are called “zero-day attacks.” Continue reading ‘As if Heartbleed Wasn’t Enough, Here is Another Emergency:’

Heartbleed – Urgent Steps to Take

Heartbleed not only affects websites, it also affects equipment that your organization uses including VPNs, Firealls, and Android phones. It affects tools you use like online backup, password managers, and tools such as Dropbox. If you are in a huge hurry, just scroll down to the headings that start out “What to Do…” Continue reading ‘Heartbleed – Urgent Steps to Take’

See the Real-Time Attack Luring iTunes Users

Google the word iTunes, and examine the search results. You’ll notice the top Google result for the word “iTunes” is a site that hackers put up in order to redirect unsuspecting users to a potentially malicious hacking site. CAUTION: Do not click on the link. Continue reading ‘See the Real-Time Attack Luring iTunes Users’