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Tesla Will Give a Car to a Hacker if they can Break In

Hackers will compete for prizes from Tesla. In addition to the first winner who gets the car, Tesla also pays…

$250,000 if they can hack the autopilot
$100,000 if they can hack the modem or tuner
$100,000 if they can hack the key fob or phone-as-a-key

Microsoft, VMWare, and other companies are offering big prizes to someone for breaking their security.

Challenges like this are an excellent way for companies to find security holes in their hardware, software, and services. Most companies offer a bounty system to pay successful attackers every day of the year.

If you want to go, or even compete, the event is March 20-22 in Vancouver. Visit

Hacker Convention Starts Later This Week

Expect to see an increase in interesting news stories about what can be hacked this week. The big hacker convention DEFCON starts this week and lots of new announcements will be made as part of the program. Continue reading ‘Hacker Convention Starts Later This Week’

Attackers Can Hack Your Phone Without Having Your Phone

Phone operating systems store much of the information that you have in your phone in the cloud too. So, attackers stealing information from your phone can be as simple as gaining access to that data in the cloud. Additionally, Continue reading ‘Attackers Can Hack Your Phone Without Having Your Phone’

No Flash Attacks After June 30

Starting June 30, 2016, Google will no longer accept advertisements that use Flash. What this means: Better security for you and your organization. You needn’t buy anything or change anything. It will all happen automatically. Continue reading ‘No Flash Attacks After June 30’

This Hacker Tells All

CNN Money just published an insightful interview with a hacker. You may find it interesting.

Read the interview by entering this search phrase into Google:

My hack stole your credit card

Forward this to your friends who want to discover this hacker’s point of view on attacking tens of thousands of companies…

Hacking Easier than Protection

The shocking truth: In some ways, it is easier to hack systems than it is to protect them. There are many automated tools that greatly simplify the art of hacking Continue reading ‘Hacking Easier than Protection’

Don’t Get Tricked

Those sites that say you can look to see if someone is on, they are probably scams. Those sites that say they will update you to Windows 10, they are scams. That email from your boss that says to quietly transfer money, they are scams too. Avoid getting viruses, keep your computer from being taken over as a zombie, protect your identity, keep your money, and protect your assets – don’t go there.

Hackers Can Kill You

Am at the famous DEF CON ® Hacking Conference. One of the presentations today is entitled, “I Will Kill You.” A skilled hacker will show how he can do so by creating a doctor’s medical document showing cause of death, Continue reading ‘Hackers Can Kill You’