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Hacker Convention Starts Later This Week

Expect to see an increase in interesting news stories about what can be hacked this week. The big hacker convention DEFCON starts this week and lots of new announcements will be made as part of the program. Continue reading ‘Hacker Convention Starts Later This Week’

Ransomware Statistics and Expect Hacking on the News

In 2015 alone, companies had to pay 325 Million in ransom to recover their data. There were 407,000 attempted ransomware attacks. These statistics confirm how organizations just don’t understand what to do to protect their company. Please spread the word… Continue reading ‘Ransomware Statistics and Expect Hacking on the News’

Hackers Can Kill You

Am at the famous DEF CON ® Hacking Conference. One of the presentations today is entitled, “I Will Kill You.” A skilled hacker will show how he can do so by creating a doctor’s medical document showing cause of death, Continue reading ‘Hackers Can Kill You’