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Protect Against Bad Attachments and Employee Downloads

Imagine giving each of your team members a loaner computer every time they need to open a file that they download or receive as an attachment. The loaner computers won’t be connected to your network, so if a file is infected, ransomware and other viruses would not affect your network. Continue reading ‘Protect Against Bad Attachments and Employee Downloads’

If Bitcoin Went Away, would Ransomware be Defeated?

It is day four of the massive RSA security conference, and it is incredibly enjoyable to be gathering the latest security information. Was visiting over lunch with a gentleman from London, and he made the comment that Ransomware would no longer exist, were it not for Bitcoin. Continue reading ‘If Bitcoin Went Away, would Ransomware be Defeated?’

1 Million Android User Accounts Reported Hacked

It was reported yesterday that malicious apps running on Android phones has resulted in 1 million Google user accounts being hacked. Check Point Software Technologies estimates that 75% of Android phones are still vulnerable to this attack. Once the attackers take over the phone, they can then gain access to the user’s Google accounts. Often the best way to steal data from a mobile device is Continue reading ‘1 Million Android User Accounts Reported Hacked’

Only One Virus is a Huge Problem

If your office has even one instance of a virus, ransomware, or any other kind of malware, that is a huge symptom. Continue reading ‘Only One Virus is a Huge Problem’

Anatomy of a Password Attack

Password attacks against businesses happen all the time. You may find it interesting to see the list of usernames that attackers guess are on your system, and how many passwords they try for each username. Continue reading ‘Anatomy of a Password Attack’