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Protect Your Kids from Cyber Dangers

Know about a free tool that helps you protect your kids from cyber threats while they are both online and offline, limit the hours of use, and if you want to, monitor their cyber behavior… Continue reading ‘Protect Your Kids from Cyber Dangers’

As if Heartbleed Wasn’t Enough, Here is Another Emergency:

Please forward this to your IT Techs immediately. As with Heartbleed, this is a vulnerability that attackers are already using against you and nobody knew until right now. These are called “zero-day attacks.” Continue reading ‘As if Heartbleed Wasn’t Enough, Here is Another Emergency:’

Is Your Guardian Angel Tranquilized?

Whether or not you believe in guardian angles, believe in browser protection. So you know about the big breach at Yahoo. Are you protected against similar attacks? Continue reading ‘Is Your Guardian Angel Tranquilized?’