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Moms, Dads, and Friends: Take 7 Steps to Secure Your Students’ Computers

School is starting again and many students need computers. Take these important steps to help make them more secure: Continue reading ‘Moms, Dads, and Friends: Take 7 Steps to Secure Your Students’ Computers’

Patching – 10 Steps to Seal the Holes in Your Armor

You’ve likely heard of the massive ransomware attack that has taken down so many organizations, including hospitals, around the world. The ransomware appears to have exploited a bug for which Microsoft released a fix a little over a month ago. Follow these 10 steps to help protect your organization from this, and from future attacks: Continue reading ‘Patching – 10 Steps to Seal the Holes in Your Armor’

Finally, a Solution to Solve What May Be the Biggest Cyber Security Risk at Your Organization

It happens all the time: A user clicks on a link in an email message, and the computer gets infected. Ransomware can lock up the data on the drive or even your servers. Sensitive data can be stolen, wire transfers attempted, and other bad things can happen. When a user is tricked into clicking on a bad link, the link instantaneously takes the user to a malicious website. It may even look like a real website or pop-up window. Now the attackers win.

A drastic solution is to Continue reading ‘Finally, a Solution to Solve What May Be the Biggest Cyber Security Risk at Your Organization’

Security Version 2.0

Here is another powerful way to strengthen security – upgrade to the newest versions. Just like last week, your key tool will be your application inventory. It will look something like this… Continue reading ‘Security Version 2.0’

No Flash Attacks After June 30

Starting June 30, 2016, Google will no longer accept advertisements that use Flash. What this means: Better security for you and your organization. You needn’t buy anything or change anything. It will all happen automatically. Continue reading ‘No Flash Attacks After June 30’

Know Before You Click

Before you click on a link, if you want input about whether or not the link takes you to a dangerous site, Google provides a tool that can help you know… Continue reading ‘Know Before You Click’

If you use Firefox, Update it Now

Open Firefox, click on the little square icon near the top-right of your screen that is composed of three horizontal bars. Then click the question mark for “help”.  Third, select “About Firefox.”  Firefox will automatically download the latest version. Continue reading ‘If you use Firefox, Update it Now’

Is Google Apps or Microsoft 365 more secure?

A CFO asked, “I would really love to hear your take on Google vs Microsoft 365 and see if you fall on one side or the other.” When it comes to cyber-security for those two big players… Continue reading ‘Is Google Apps or Microsoft 365 more secure?’

Protect Your Kids from Cyber Dangers

Know about a free tool that helps you protect your kids from cyber threats while they are both online and offline, limit the hours of use, and if you want to, monitor their cyber behavior… Continue reading ‘Protect Your Kids from Cyber Dangers’