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Ransomware Statistics and Expect Hacking on the News

In 2015 alone, companies had to pay 325 Million in ransom to recover their data. There were 407,000 attempted ransomware attacks. These statistics confirm how organizations just don’t understand what to do to protect their company. Please spread the word… Continue reading ‘Ransomware Statistics and Expect Hacking on the News’

Cyber Security’s Three Essential Steps

In this time of gratitude, which is perhaps the most important foundation of happiness and success, it is important to thank you for helping make the world a safer place. Three controls, perhaps the most important three controls, help protect you from cyber-threats. They are: Continue reading ‘Cyber Security’s Three Essential Steps’

Stonewall, not Firewall: Use Application Whitelisting

Protect yourself when a user plugs in a USB device that is infected. Reduce the risk of devastation when a user accidentally clicks on a bad link. There is a program built in to Windows that can protect you, and it is one of the most important strategies to use. What to ask your IT Professional is, “Do we, and if not, why not?” Continue reading ‘Stonewall, not Firewall: Use Application Whitelisting’