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Protecting and Restricting iPads, iPhones, and Android Devices

Because many families, and business professionals, received new tablets for the holidays, it is important to consider security. Families, as well as businesses, may choose to restrict permissions on devices. Here’s how: Continue reading ‘Protecting and Restricting iPads, iPhones, and Android Devices’

Mac Vulnerability Permits Unauthorized Login

Apple’s newest operating system has a serious vulnerability that can allow someone else to logon to your Mac. Here’s what to do:  Continue reading ‘Mac Vulnerability Permits Unauthorized Login’

New iPhone and iPad iOS 11 Can Quietly Override Your Attempt to Be Secure

The new Apple iOS 11 has a feature that appears to permit you to turn Wi-Fi on and off from the easy to reach Control Center. However, some people in the security community are concerned since the setting does no such thing. Continue reading ‘New iPhone and iPad iOS 11 Can Quietly Override Your Attempt to Be Secure’

Get Apple’s Urgent Patches that Fix Dozens of Security Holes

For those of you with Apple products, Apple just released some important updates.

Knowing that updates might cause a problem, please back up your computer first. You are backing up all the time already, right? Time Machine is a wonderful tool and is built in. If you want to supplement Time Machine with an additional backup, Carbon Copy Cloner from Bombich dot com is very popular and clients experience great results. You’ll need a couple of external USB drives, but the investment is worth it.

In case you are not familiar with how to apply patches, here are instructions:

On your Apple computer, even if your computer is set for automatic updates, it is good to verify that you have the most recent patches. Click on the image of the apple in the top left corner, and choose App Store. If not already selected, choose Updates inside the title bar that already contains the words: Featured, Top Charts, Categories, Purchased, and Updates. You may see many updates for your applications, and those are fine to apply, but the urgent one is the update called macOS Sierra Update and the version is 10.12.5. If you’ve not updated in a while, you may see other macOS updates too.

iPhone and iPad users, press on the Settings icon that looks like a gear. In the left-hand column, select General, and you’ll see Software Update on the right-hand column near the top. The most recent patch is for iOS 10.3.2.

If you want to configure automatic updates for your Apple computers, find instructions by searching for this phrase in Google: Automatic security updates os x

If you want to configure automatic updates for the iPhone and iPad, find instructions by searching for this phrase in Google: Automatic security downloads iOS

Please forward this to everyone you know who uses Apple devices and you want to help be more secure…

Your iPhone and iPad are in Danger

If you use Apple products, here is what to do to protect yourself. By now, you’ve probably heard that attackers have told Apple that they have access to millions Continue reading ‘Your iPhone and iPad are in Danger’

A Site to Crash Apple Safari

There is a website at crash safari dot com that will do just that: crash safari. iPhones and iPads may freeze and reboot if someone goes to that site. The good news is Continue reading ‘A Site to Crash Apple Safari’

Protect your Mac from Viruses

More executives are realizing that their Macs can catch viruses too.

Independent studies by the testing firm AV-TEST show that two top picks for Mac anti-virus are:

Bitdefender Antivirus for the Mac (Around $60)
Symantec Norton Security (Around $50)

The latter offers more features, but the tests demonstrate that they are both effective and barely slow Mac computers down so it is unlikely that you will experience any changes in your user experience.

(We do not make any money or receive any royalties for recommending these tools)

You can look at the AV-test website to see the specifics.

Forward this to your friends who have Macs so that they can be protected too!

iPhone and iPad Hacking Alert

You may have heard by now about XcodeGhost and how it is the biggest infection for Apple yet. Hackers inserted malicious code into a tool that programmers use to develop Apps for the App store. What should you do now? Continue reading ‘iPhone and iPad Hacking Alert’

New Big Screen iPhone

The iPhone 6 will have options for both the normal screen size as well as a new, larger, 5.5 inch screen. It is doubtful that they will be shipping for months, and Apple hasn’t made an official announcement – but one might come as early as today. Continue reading ‘New Big Screen iPhone’

Macs Will Take Over Business Networks

Everyone knows Macs are cool. Many executives now use Macs. Mac computers may displace Windows PCs and Laptops as company computers. Many companies still use Windows computers at work even though employees own Apple products. Why not go Apple all the way? Is that what you have been waiting for? Continue reading ‘Macs Will Take Over Business Networks’