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Patching Nightmare – Please Forward to Your IT Pros

Intel says, again, to stop deploying patches. Java and other new patches need handling. Continue reading ‘Patching Nightmare – Please Forward to Your IT Pros’

iPhone and iPad Hacking Alert

You may have heard by now about XcodeGhost and how it is the biggest infection for Apple yet. Hackers inserted malicious code into a tool that programmers use to develop Apps for the App store. What should you do now? Continue reading ‘iPhone and iPad Hacking Alert’

Stop Your Vulnerabilities in a Flash

Adobe Flash, something almost all organizations use, is often an easy target for attackers who want to successfully obtain control over your computers and network. And yes, you can do something about it! Continue reading ‘Stop Your Vulnerabilities in a Flash’

Get Attacked in a Flash

Adobe Flash is one of the programs that attackers love to exploit. Be sure you have the newest version – Adobe just released important patches… Continue reading ‘Get Attacked in a Flash’