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Patching Nightmare – Please Forward to Your IT Pros

Intel says, again, to stop deploying patches. Java and other new patches need handling. Continue reading ‘Patching Nightmare – Please Forward to Your IT Pros’

Moms, Dads, and Friends: Take 7 Steps to Secure Your Students’ Computers

School is starting again and many students need computers. Take these important steps to help make them more secure: Continue reading ‘Moms, Dads, and Friends: Take 7 Steps to Secure Your Students’ Computers’

Security Version 2.0

Here is another powerful way to strengthen security – upgrade to the newest versions. Just like last week, your key tool will be your application inventory. It will look something like this… Continue reading ‘Security Version 2.0’

No Flash Attacks After June 30

Starting June 30, 2016, Google will no longer accept advertisements that use Flash. What this means: Better security for you and your organization. You needn’t buy anything or change anything. It will all happen automatically. Continue reading ‘No Flash Attacks After June 30’

Stop Your Vulnerabilities in a Flash

Adobe Flash, something almost all organizations use, is often an easy target for attackers who want to successfully obtain control over your computers and network. And yes, you can do something about it! Continue reading ‘Stop Your Vulnerabilities in a Flash’